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December 2, 2022

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November 30, 2022

Leather sofas are a stylish, high-end addition to any living space – and with proper care, these sofas can last for many years.
When shopping for a leather sofa, be sure to read the wording of the product carefully before making a purchase. “You might think you’re getting a leather sofa, but it could actually be ‘real leather’ [bonded leather] or faux leather,” says Ariel, founder and lead designer at Design Studio.
A good example of genuine leather is a raised sofa cushion – the bottom of the cushion is usually fabric to minimize cost. “
When researching a leather sofa for this piece, we considered factors such as the type of leather used, color options, cushion padding, and overall structural quality. The Filo Furniture leather sofa is our top choice, thanks to its range of sizes and leather colours, as well as its high-end construction and comfortable cushions.
Here are the best leather sofas.…More»
Filo Furniture Top Grain Leather Sofa
Full Grain Leather Sofa/Aniline Leather Sofa/Leather Sofa
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November 30, 2022

Lithium-ion batteries have gained enormous popularity in recent years due to their higher energy density and lower self-discharge rate compared to other batteries.
Lithium-ion batteries come in various shapes, namely cylindrical, prismatic, and pouch cells. Depending on the end use, manufacturers of various electronic and electrical products can use these types of batteries accordingly. Lithium-ion batteries are increasingly used in a variety of consumer electronics such as cell phones, portable PCs and tablets.
Lithium-ion batteries are rechargeable, last a long time, and can store a lot of energy in a small space. This makes them the most popular power sources in electronic devices and vehicles.…More»
Customized Lithium Battery pack 36V 48V 52V Grade A Cells for Electric Scooter Ebike Power tools electric wheelchair
Electric Scooter battery / Electric bicycle Lithium battery / Power tools Lithium battery
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November 30, 2022

Electric scooters are everywhere these days and are great for commuters on their way to work, students heading to class and anyone else who wants to have a fun time while travelling from A to B. They’re convenient, speedy and eco-friendly. And I can tell you from first-hand experience, they’re a lot cheaper to repair than a car.
After riding and testing many models for miles and miles, I think the best overall electric scooter for most people will be the SZ happy-go H10. It’s great for long trips and isn’t so fast that it will be intimidating for beginners.
SZ happy-go Some are last-mile scooters, smaller and built for short distances at slower speeds but easier to carry and store. Larger scooters handle bumps better and can travel farther and at higher speeds.
Before purchasing, consider the distance you need to travel and the total weight you’ll be carrying (including yourself). The environment you’ll be riding in – hills, flat roads, wet terrain — matters too. …More»
SZ happy-go H10 Best Electric Scooters
e-scooter / e-scooter / e-scooter
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November 30, 2022

Windsurfing offers multiple sailing opportunities. You can go free riding in a flat water lake or hit the ocean for a wave sailing session. As with everything in water sports, there’s a specific rig for each kind of windsurfing discipline.
Sails are made of mylar, mono-film or dacron, and feature battens. If you’re buying a new rig, make sure you get a sail that suits your needs.
Most often, windsurfers use sail between 5 and 8 square meters, depending on the wind conditions. Whether you’re going for speed records or jumping high in the air, you should be lightly powered.
As a general rule of thumb, and in an ideal world, a windsurfer’s quiver should include a sail for light winds, and another model for strong winds.
There are five basic types of windsurfing sails: freeride sails, slalom/race sails, wave sails, freestyle sails, and beginner sails.
Freeride sails feature a bold, full profile and typically range from 5.5m to 7.5m plus. They were designed to perform in a variety of conditions and with multiple goals – waves, speed, race, freestyle – and don’t have camber inducers. They can be easily maneuverable.…More»
Freeride Windsurfing Sails
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